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Resurrection Jukebox - Iggy Pop

Feb 6, 2013|

"Lust for Life" 1977


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UNC it keeps you in TH T want Denver boulder. Resurrection G plus would like Casey my 99 plus the mountain. Born with the name James -- lost to burn injuries didn't trailer park peninsula in Michigan. Yours we will as the godfather of punk. He keeps it was fascinated by -- all comes from the interior. Nine years old. Found myself. Fascinated by me. -- industrial home that was always around me everything from my father's electric shaver which. The time to be electric space heater in our marriage trailers. Starting out on drums -- performed its first day in the iguanas in the early sixties which is where -- picked up the stage and he needs and later former band called prime movers show before abandoning Michigan altogether in favor of Chicago -- quickly immersed himself in the legendary master deep blue sea. Drawing his inspiration from Chicago blues another underground reading the doors Jim Morrison did you -- -- -- -- permission in the 1967. Came alongside several acquaintances from his high school ovation for the psychedelic stooges. Much in the way. Record sales. Cross extreme staging. Like smearing himself. Comes -- razor blades certain. The first time I would. It was out of frustration I just hope you're -- Though you can make a strong case that he knew in the stooges laid the blueprint for what eventually would be -- punk rock they broke up in 1974. With a little more to show for their efforts. It is deep pockets and raging drug habits. After spending some time homeless on the streets of Hollywood Iggy Pop eventually checked himself into a certain word for treatment. Where upon long -- fan an old friend -- always came to visit. The benevolent -- he offered -- a supporting role on his next tour which eventually led to a new solo record deal pretty deep into collections of songs co written and co produced by David Foley. Never hurts to have friends and -- places right. Though you'd be hard pressed to call that truly mainstream. David Foley pop collaboration from 1977. Has taken on a second life in everything from. Film soundtracks to TV commercials for Carnival Cruise Lines. On father's -- indeed. On today's resurrection jukebox it's Iggy -- signature so. Lost her life.