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Resurrection Jukebox - Three Dog Night

Jan 22, 2013|

"Shambala" 1975


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

JUNCENTUNTHT. Warrant in -- Like -- resurrection -- plus Monday night. Above them. After crossing paths in the mostly forgotten -- called the enemies in the 1960s. -- wells into any -- hit upon the idea of pop outfit featuring three lead singers in with the addition of their friend chuck Negron. Three Dog Night I was born in 1960 said. In name itself comes from terminology used in the Australian now back to describe plummeting temperatures. The cold millions. More dogs you need to have hung around to stay warm. After a handful of unsuccessful singles Three Dog Night decided augmentation and supporting cast of musicians. And probably win on the commercial -- almost unbeatable in the history of pop. Despite the fact that critics hated them Three Dog Night managed 21 consecutive hits singles and eleven of which -- -- top ten. -- released twelve gold albums between 1969. In 1975. The lesson here critics don't buy records -- to of course success doesn't come without its challenges. You're scoring well so -- time. -- we have days off on the road where I try to make some sort of plans to do something they change someone decided it was moved to the next town. It's a confidence -- or we're just could -- -- the game. Unfortunately success rate this contend for the boys and Three Dog Night. Cleveland in 1976. Internal tensions and tore part of -- It was basically a license to print money much to the chagrin of their accountants and managers I'm sure once again -- Cornwell so. -- it boredom sets in I think to. The second week in the tournament and we can. And will be stuck in some towns flu really and can do because of -- start finding faults and problems in people who support them when -- lifestyle this change that's wonderful news senses. When I'm not allowed to do those things then then you Rhode. It starts becoming a sure. Back to 1974. On today's resurrection jukebox it's a little bit rock -- a little bit gospel. And it allegedly refers to a mythical kingdom hidden beyond the peaks of the Himalayas. To kick these Three Dog Night since Shyamalan. I'm 9095.