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Jan 11, 2013|

"I Touch Myself" 1991


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

UNC NC UN THT want to Denver boulder -- resurrection jukebox which might JC my 99. The -- in. Boring you long Victoria Australia Christina -- and slippery and away from home at the age of fourteen. And traveled to England and France joining various musical groups along the way. Before eventually being arrested in strained for asking for change on the streets. Upon returning to Australia in nineteen. -- joined a church choir in the hopes of developing a stronger. -- During one choir performance or stool fell over and got tangled up and Michael commercial there in the audience -- was young guitarist named mark and continued we so fascinated by the young girls who continued to -- little dragging his stool across the stage. He decided he just ten demeanor and in 1981. McEntee insolent and Paul Jeremy who was an original member of air supply for the band shouldn't influence. Just months after the million started playing. Hubs in Sydney and in your new gig doing the soundtrack for Australians feel. Single from the soundtrack -- in the -- quickly became the top ten hits in Australia which led to a worldwide deal with chris' record. They quickly found success in their native Australia and it wasn't until nineteen million war and that's in the finals combined their knack for writing catchy pop hopes. It's undeniable sensuality. In the song that made him an international sensation -- and Contra. Here's Christina and slid on the inspiration behind the song I touch myself. I have some good. Like -- Rooms and beholden some stuff like that with the names I'm looking at the shop windows and of the -- long -- by by six. And the different kind of shakes -- combined. While the sexed up video which featured gyrating -- incident fish net stockings and stiletto heels can. And MTV sensation. Protesters lined up to Houston finals of corrupting the youth of America and many radio stations in the US refused to hear the song at all. According to -- and slid and the interpretation in the season -- I'm -- go ahead and try new things. And it's just thankful that you can take it like it's it's kind of physical that is also an emotional things financial muscle. The new models broke up within a few years they're one big hits Christine ANC it is spent most of the last twenty years focusing on her acting career. Winning a starring role in the Australian production -- blood Brothers and portraying Judy Garland in the musical voice tomorrow. You're off for her insights on the benefits of self romance. It's -- and slid into bundles from 1991. On today's resurrection jukebox and I touch myself and 1995. And the mountain.