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Resurrection Jukebox - Walter Egan

Jan 8, 2013|

"Magnet and Steel" 1978


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QT and TQMT 61 Denver boulder and Boston said don't look back. Oh come on boys not dat -- Mike Casey's resurrection jukebox in 1995. Come mountain. Native new Yorker member of the surf rock in Malibu is a graduate of Georgetown university and unofficial one hit wonder. Walter -- found himself in California in the mid 1970s. Playing -- with -- spirits and doing session work. -- like to Jackson Browne in Cleveland spotted by record exacts while performing at a hoot nanny at the troubadour in LA. He his first album flops -- second 1970 -- not -- It was produced by none other than Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham. Which may even the most jaded industry veteran sit up and take notice here's Walter Reed. The magnetic field and being around this thing was Max because rumors. Before you leave Buckingham and Stevie Nicks from my producers could. Magic carpet right here or certain doors were opening for me that they've been banging against three years. Wonderful and a couple of years. Featuring the war in California pop sound that was all the -- in the late seventies and the backing vocals. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks the first single from the album and active in -- gathered enough attention and their pledge to work its way into. In 1970 -- Funny for me because negative view of Tennessee so. I don't think to myself is more of Barack. -- you take what you get you know I mean it was removed from total -- can. There days you create from my heart it's anytime there's there's a good thing to do yeah. Several more albums followed not shy with the success of magnet and steel was never replicated by the early 1980s Walter Reed was keeping a low musical profile. And focusing on his career as a graphic artist in 2008 he returned to his alma mater Georgetown. For an exhibition of his paintings and sculptures in earlier this year he participated in a festival celebrating her yacht rock. The inspiration for which goes to Jimmy Fallon apparently once again here's -- united. Got back from Atlanta where -- played as part of the yacht rock festival apparently is Jimmy Fallon has nothing to do it complicating it. It hasn't -- her wish. There's really -- it rock from the mid seventy's it's humiliating yourself. It's the laws of attraction filtered through the laws of science on today's resurrection you production from Walter -- from 1978. -- -- 1995 from the hotels. -- -- Me. -- -- He's seen. Her. Okay. Look you you know. Year round. -- Yeah.