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Resurrection Jukebox - The Alarm

Dec 19, 2012|

"Sold Me Down the River" 1989


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- and T and TQNTHT. One Denver boulder and Smartphones and and around when this song do you now think of all the incriminating pictures -- ask. The resurrection jukebox which -- cheesy I'm. 99595. Come around. -- in 1981. And starting up first is a punk band called the toilets then later -- -- new wave hybrid outfit called seventeenth singer Mike Peters eventually rearranged in the lineup. And since taking the new name from the songs he recorded with seventeen -- -- the band's deal law. Riding you know Nancy musical way the broadest scheme. Passions idealistic and vaguely spiritual -- -- big country. In the water -- the war may have been inspired by the honesty -- but the sound was much closer to a straightforward combination. Anything coming up new ways of Hong Kingston in 1980 squad was there some kind of unifying experience of those aforementioned ladies it's -- -- -- guitars. -- -- We're done -- sound in the AFC east the whole thing didn't seem to sort of radically change it didn't have everything down. Mom and losers in this time bonuses Phillies some feedback. He's it and see if there was one greed critical knock against them on. It was that -- looks too much like she acted too much like. And sounded too much and likes to. So despite the fact -- an instrument rather large US audience is their choice to open for you too long war tours and may have been in this stuff. But it certainly wasn't all -- -- I'm pretty sure you're very close on one of the few days. Guns and become part of the American conscience something we will something else in this kind of positive energy and I think it's. Fun resonance it's. Soon. You -- news on. It's. Despite racking up sixteen top fifty hits in UK Neal Lauren couldn't catch a break any kind. In the US until releasing their fourth album change in 1989. But even after winning the single on US top forty charts a lack of sales in internal dissension forced to being impacted in the 1990. Back to claim the award for the man that sounds the most like huge -- without actually being YouTube on today's resurrection jukebox it's the alarm from 1989. Sold down the river. 995 it's -- Yeah. It's.