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Resurrection Jukebox - Hall & Oates

Dec 11, 2012|

"You Make My Dreams" 1981


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QT and TQNTHT. One Denver boulder. Seems like it was just yesterday. Like he's he's resurrection -- And 995. Talk about being in the wrong place at the right time according to rock legend Darryl hall and John notes met in a freak elevator and -- -- -- ballroom in Philadelphia in 1967. While trying to escape derided during a battle of the bands contest. Here's John notes Jerrells. They're -- penny a single out soon in my group here and perform records that are at a record up. The teenage dance -- a fight broke out we kind of ran out -- we hang around backstage and that's how we -- we was content. Diversity and started. -- friends and start writing songs ever. After discovering shared musical interest Holland -- cycled through any number of short lived R&B groups before officially forming as a duo in 1969. After moving in New York City in 1976. Daryl hall and John -- finally hit on the blue eyed soul pop formula that would make them household names for the next decade com or on the officially begin with their very first number one singles -- released in 1977. Though -- sound had devolved into MTV friendly since pop by the early 1980s every album they released seemed to sell you zillion copies while Daryl Hall flicked his flowing blond locks around and Jon Mills worked on growing the perfect mustache there if it works should be worth trying. In 1984 the Recording Industry Association of America announced that Holland notes. Past the Everly Brothers has the most successful duo in rock history with a total of nineteen golden platinum records to their credit but it wasn't long after that at home notes decided to go on extended hiatus. Once again. Here's John notes. I was on tour from 1970. Until 1985 without stopping. Look at our history you'll see that we had a record out every year from 1972. We have to 1986. It was it was one of those moments where should we just looked at each other since what more can we do so we decided to stop business wise it probably wasn't. The best thing to do but it was necessary trust psychologically I think just as people. He may not have been their biggest hit but it may be one of the most perfect pop singles they ever recorded. Back to 1981 on today's resurrection jukebox for Holland notes. You make my dream shot on 995. --