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Resurrection Jukebox - Jonathan Edwards

Dec 3, 2012|

"Sunshine" 1971


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JQAT and TQMTXT. One Denver boulder. We winding to a better time. Might she -- resurrection juice box and 99 lives a mountain. Born in Minnesota and raised in Virginia Jonathan Edwards was summoned an FBI agents who found himself stuck in military school for his teen years mostly against his will. -- don't want positive didn't come out of your experience. Jonathan Edwards. We live next door in the interim story out of the car and I went there one BMW. Sort of play a few things and -- light shone down from heaven and the angels saying and I never look back -- to write songs and let me start right right down there it was in 1960 water so -- After spending only sixteen shuffling through an assortment of balloons Enron. Jonathan Edwards found she wanted to return to solo acoustic and performing so in 1970. Quit his term in sugar creek and toward around college campuses of the northeast as a solo act. Six months later Edwards has signed a record deal and was opening for acts as diverse as the Allman Brothers and BB king who while simultaneously writing and recording -- That anyone of those stories that music she's absolutely in love. As the recording sessions first first album drew to a close the staff engineer accidentally erased and -- song called she's flying from the master tapes after spending untold hours trying to retrieve the missing audio Edwards finally gave up. And opted instead to record a brand new composition called sunshine. Here's Jonathan Edwards on the origins of his most famous -- In the early seventies and Nixon was president my father was an ex FBI agent. Draft board experience where I didn't really nearly killed me and on and -- Hospital I was kind of an angry man and just shut down in my -- and into Boston and -- some shots. Maybe -- something to do it everyone needing -- pick me up while dealing with the turmoil around times. Or maybe it was just a -- catchy song in any case the little song that only got recorded due to an accident on the part of a long forgotten engineer became an immediate and long lasting cessation. Jonathan Edwards has been in and out of the music business since 1971. Living on his form in Nova Scotia. Couple dozen shows every year. Out on the road which -- acoustic guitar and harmonica. The very same when he started out. -- -- On his nose at the man on today's resurrection jukebox is Jonathan Edwards -- 1971. And sunshine. 995. The amount of sunshine. And the way today. And -- Amazon needs time to alumni can -- we don't know. -- -- You love. Again. My head. Oh yeah. I'll buy it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Zone and I believe and the and time. -- -- Stocks. -- -- -- -- This man. -- -- I'm biased. Diet. Them. Okay. -- -- Brand new man. Okay.