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Resurrection Jukebox - The Proclaimers

Nov 21, 2012|

"(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles" 1988


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

QT and TQ and T 61 Denver boulder. Seems like it was just yesterday -- like he's he's resurrection jukebox. In 1995. And then they kind of looked more like buddy -- And anything else singing Scottish tunes Charlie and Craig Reid better known as the proclaimed first drew immediate vocal comparisons to him yet. Others when they first started getting attention. Seven as you might imagine their loved music goes back way earlier than that you're pregnant surely you would please him. And then the music in the end it's only stuff listen to see civility and continues to -- -- violent and and you don't want it to you you and I go yeah snare drum and I. Showed us just in time Netscape just came to Boston did this intentionally to achieve this. We've informed it. Their first two albums receive decent critical notices in the UK but since it in the exact. We rocket up the US charge nobody stateside heard much from the proclaimed -- Until 1993. When actress Mary Stuart Masterson insisted that their songs -- an Indy 500 miles. Be included on the soundtrack to her new film -- in June some cultures and defined by the relationship to tease. So yeah. You knew from the organizing -- marching tune in thick Scottish accent shoot anyone who tells you they knew this song was. Here on first listen. During their time in the brighter spotlight for. Recording was played 22000. Fans in Madison Square Garden for game. And cranked out versions of Roger Miller's king of the road and you'll temptations classic get ready but they never managed to recapture the magic of -- -- -- 500 miles. Yes it was just something you would expect nothing completely go people in the music business. We have a saying before you know -- -- -- kind of sesame chicken dinner and a -- uncle. People I can happen between now and what's so I would have been destroyed so until we see you always. Always a bit careful -- stuff and we look. You try to enjoy it which quarantines you do. And for the record if you're Scottish slang isn't up to snuff. And if I hate her I'm gonna women's -- -- do you hate her meetings to talk nonsense sort chatter -- now you know. Back to prove that when it comes to music and romance English standard measurement actually were actually better than the metric system it's -- proclaimed -- from 1988 on today's resurrection jukebox and I'm going to be 500 miles from. I'm 995 and the mountains. And didn't -- not being healthy and pain pill on a lot of -- neon blue -- and I do things on these these two men and and why and and and a lot of the younger that me and I always along the way you can pin and I. And -- fine. And yeah. -- -- We're not the way. We wouldn't -- And. -- -- -- And what. And and. I.