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Resurrection Jukebox - Men Without Hats

Nov 21, 2012|

"Safety Dance" 1982


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QT and TQ and T 61 and purple and now really the big there was a good look for. -- Like she -- resurrection jukebox. And 995. According to music legend Canadian Brothers I didn't Stefan and we're shocked we're such firm believers in the idea of style before comfort they spend most of their use. List even during the rugged winters in the green white. Feeling that trust like it was a small price to pay for having cool hair the other friends have been calling them that for years. Men without hats he -- their band name in 1976. And design and writing the songs and singing -- playing guitar. And culminating keyboards and then -- so -- released their debut album reasonable use in 1982. In -- to score their one and only hit single with a song that featured a three course in thrift. The video that started dwarf. I think they're actually came across -- so blindly idiotic despite I've endure shocks protest to the contrary. The songs -- -- sounds weird experience. There's a certain feeling of impending doom and we do but it's also it's like you know I think in the face death -- it's -- celebration. The OK though they released three more albums before his standing. -- -- out had she never came anywhere close to reaching the heights of their DUC. Unlike a lot of their new -- contemporaries. There want and only -- -- has become something of a pop culture phenomenon. Just refuses to go away having used in a slew of TV commercials mocked by cartoon metalheads Beavis and Butthead. Then turned into a late night television skit called the men without hats conversation channel. And Conan O'Brien's show and tell me totally. -- -- I think that's what they call staying power. Back to prove the point that it's almost impossible to go broke underestimating the taste of the record buying public these men without hats from 1982 on today's resurrection jukebox. In the sixty. 1995.