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Resurrection Jukebox - Dead or Alive

Nov 21, 2012|

"You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" 1985


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

QT and TQMTHT. One -- report there. Boston said don't look back. -- come on boys. Not -- Like Casey's resurrection jukebox in 1995 to -- mountain. In the late seventies vocalist in Liverpool -- Burns cycled through a few almost but not quite -- experience. Like mystery girls and nightmares and -- both of which traded heavily on his tendency. To dress up as a woman -- whatever happened to show you Chancy by 1980 burns have perfected his look and shift in this town to electronic top. Founding -- and dad were alive. In the new encounter -- of course culture club would later go on to be much more commercially successful and -- were alive he learns for his charge claims the Boy George stole his famous androgynous. Lucky for him. To drag queens fighting over who came up with the idea first. That's pretty much sums up -- -- spent the -- lives first few king hit came in 1984 with the -- about. Cover version of the KC and the sunshine and -- -- that's the way I like it but the US breakthrough came in 1985. With the song's use if you. You around like -- record. All these years later how to use their lives producer Pete Waterman described the sound of their one big hit areas technologists. The question of what it was it was new and new technology play maritime. That's all it was taken out musicians and bringing technology for the first time where -- dead or alive find me. Operation for. Your -- birds and the physical play instruments I used to listen to the brakes -- -- all the sections -- drug producing songs over the one -- had crossed the song by an -- -- the bottom -- Field wall you know -- radio. Let's just -- you spin me right. -- like red headline. Oh van -- went to the mound I'm -- and I admitted bundle songs the head a little mantra. Changed any number of times in the ensuing years dead or alive didn't manage your music you know. K in your -- -- but for those of us in the US this was really the only dead or alive song that never -- back to 1980. Five on today's resurrection jukebox. Houston. Dead -- alive.