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Resurrection Jukebox - Autograph

Nov 20, 2012|

"Turn Up the Radio" 1984


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Particularly TNT QT 61 and purple and -- really the big there was a good look for. Like -- -- resurrection jukebox. And 995. For me in the early eighties -- -- it. Wanted to. Lynch LA then -- -- -- the same Sunset Strip scene this fellow her middle postures like poison Warrington. Jones. -- one rumor floating around as of today and chose their new hardware. Being inspired by Def -- its. Forward. Five that's a mostly unsubstantiated rumor and even homes usually you should do with that information which. Fortunately autograph had a -- in the only in the early days -- drummer -- Richards had established a friendship from inhalants David Lee Roth. Who was instrumental in helping autograph when your record -- and bringing them on board as the inhalants opening acts on their 94 tour. -- truth -- -- autographs careers started with all the promise in the world in 1984. Their debut album sign in please sold more than respectively. Their first single turned -- the radio became huge and it's. And showed up -- an episode of the Miami Vice. And Stephen Lynch is Van Halen to guitar solo in turn -- the radio won him the guitar -- of the year award from guitar player magazine. Unfortunately in the next few autograph albums flops and had nothing in the way of his singles. And before it really gotten started autographs career was pretty much over. So it goes on the resurrection you box right back with a rock anthem from the pre iPod age she -- autograph from 1984. And turn up the radio. How 995. The mountains.