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Resurrection Jukebox - Re-Flux - 10/19/12

Oct 31, 2012|

Re-Flux The Politics of Dancing 1983


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QT and T 2061. And purple there now really the big there was a good look for. Like Casey's resurrection jukebox and 995. Former rather unceremoniously. And early eighties London by guitarist singer John Baxter the keyboard player Paul -- The arrival of reflex was met with an immediate critical backlash. She's been the sounding like everyone from -- seventeen to David -- -- the irony for a moment if you will -- -- slew of high food. Rock critics attacking them. Virtually unknown date in -- reflex Wallace similarly pretentious and -- limited British standouts like doing injury and was already on the verge of conquering the globe. Well it's never been said he's -- tries. Reflex is best known track the politics and dancing. 24 on the billboard charts in November of 1983. But then it looked as if it might take on a second life. When the producers of the upcoming movie footloose so they did for inclusion on the film's soundtrack. Unfortunately for the reflex the producers decided at the eleventh hour that the song wasn't catchy enough and instead went with shell Mars incident sheet. When you get bumped in favor bush Alomar is safe to assume your career is on something of a downward trajectory. After one follow up album 1985. -- medication with a reflex was no more. By and as long as we're taking a trip down memory lane in talking about the original footloose movie let us not forget the millions of Kevin they can you Ren McCormack. Willingness to fight tooth and nail to make sure he in his house had the right. Secret CE ST yeah. Assures us that there is -- time to every purpose under F. Time to laugh. And until we have time to -- That is the time to -- it's still moves you to tears doesn't. The lyrics say that the politicians are now DJs who suffers more by that comparison I -- back to 1983 on today's resurrection jukebox with reflex in the politics of dancing. 1995.