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Resurrection Jukebox - John Parr - 10/22/12

Oct 31, 2012|

John Parr Naughty Naughty 1984


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Stocking your head all day we're sorry that. Resurrection jukebox with Mike PC on 995 come. War in Nottingham England informing his first -- silence at age twelve. Singer guitarist John par and -- from -- have been called ponders end. When local favorites on the New Castle pub circuit in the late seventies alongside another movie it's hard combo notice dire straits. Below market offers guitar wizardry in every minute miracle brilliance -- dire straits to the top of the heap in the 1980s. John par started the decade as a co writer and backing vocalist -- meatloaf. Intercession jingle singer who contributed his singing talents to a Gillette razor campaign among others and show. But as edgy rock. In strains of new wave morphed into one uniform sound in the eighties John -- in his frosted powerball and actually managed to score. Not one but. Fairly sizable hit singles before disappearing you can. Always probably best remembered for singing the title track in the eighties brat pack movie scene elmo's fire it's pretty easy to argue that the -- John Parsons -- well known tracks is the one we're -- enough for today's resurrection jukebox. Even if it did sound a little delay Michael Bolton being backed by. Section from -- Back to suggest that sometimes no actually means meet meet its John -- from 1984 on today's resurrection jukebox. And 9981995. The mountains. -- -- -- --