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Resurrection Jukebox - Thomas Dolby - 10/23/12

Oct 31, 2012|

Thomas Dolby She Blinded me with Science 1983


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QT and TQ -- GHT 110 purple there. -- didn't -- don't look back. Oh come on boys snapped at -- Mike -- resurrection jukebox -- 995. Born Thomas Morgan Robertson in Cairo Egypt the man who would go on to create his own brand new wave electro funk in the 1980s. Came to music by -- wave of interest in synthesizers. Employers in computers which indirectly led to his choosing the stage name. Tums dual front on this and again. It's fashion but it is an only child kaleidoscope it's an extra tight. -- the way the maintenance. After abandoning college where he was studying urology film work is touring the engineer building equipment for post British pound -- before eventually moving up through the ranks since winning session work for big name acts like foreigner in desolate. Sensing that his mad scientists musical egghead approach might just find traction. We -- -- Thomas Tobin released his first single -- in the pirate twins in 1981. Priceless in the seventies when you wife got home Friday more intelligent and I got myself so. To save someone and I'm so I didn't get an improvement on Sundays in many -- in Kenya and -- -- bring coast where you can -- So quickly develop something in the cult following in the UK. Thomas -- didn't find an American audience until 1983. When his quirky song and even -- your video. Not long ago schoolboy crush on his renegade chemistry professor. -- -- -- heavy rotation on MTV's. All of a sudden Thomas only was a musical sensation. And others follow up albums you -- yeah big time heads. But we continue to find work as a producer in session musician for the likes of Herbie Hancock. Howard Jones and Stevie Wonder in 1993. He returned to his first true love to inform the computer software company called head space. -- to prove -- -- the periodic table of the elements can seem sexy he's provided you have the right professor it's Thomas -- from 1983 on today's resurrect. Can she loves it she blowing new science. We know and finds them until. -- -- -- It's.