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Oct 10, 2012|

Stories Brother Louie 1973


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QT and TQ and GHT one Denver boulder and Boston said don't look back. Oh come on boys not dad -- Mike Casey's resurrection jukebox in 1995. To come -- After leaving chamber pop -- the left -- in the late sixties you may remember their -- walk away -- keyboard player Michael Brown joined forces with singer Ian -- to form the -- stories from both -- and -- -- recession violin players -- -- together for years and actually introduced their -- to each -- unfortunately the working relationship between Iranian lawyer Michael Brown left the -- to be -- -- after releasing their debut album in 1972. Brown promptly -- stories in the middle of recording their second -- about us which was finished in his -- in one of those strange but -- moments in music history after stories -- about us. And went into the studio to record one more songs which have been hit. In the UK for hot chocolate earlier in the year the never managed to bring the American market. To this day no one associated with -- -- remembers exactly why stories recorded the song in the first place wasn't demo version for consideration on the future album -- the vandals someone a favor wasn't something they planned on using his three year old missing. No matter this much is clear when Neil Bogart's honcho Casablanca records heard the demo. -- he allegedly said don't change things. One -- And he was right and so it is that the one and only hit from stories wasn't either regionally on their album about us who was later inserted into the -- Packaging is a 45 rpm singles in here in the 21 century it's. It's a theme song for comedian Louis CK is FX show Louise story singer Ian Lloyd talks about how that -- developed. He recorded this song. The poorest men had -- -- a bunch of different singers trying to sing. Global couldn't cut it and told his rate -- men they hit the line and started a search on. Family through a cool whatever -- emailed me sale and possession. Today and -- all the bad. And as they say the rest is history its social consciousness paired with a weaken while log into our own cities resurrection jukebox from 1973. It's stories. And brother -- yeah 1995 and the mountains. Oh yeah. Yeah. And yeah.