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Resurrection Jukebox - Wall of Voodoo

Oct 5, 2012|

Wall of Voodoo Mexican Radio 1982


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Q and T and T to NT 61 Denver boulder. When Hasan first came out your biggest problems for calculus and finding deeper problem resurrection jukebox like -- I'm 995. Early in the early 1977. Art school geeks stand -- relocated to Los Angeles. Inserted a film score company that was initially called acme sound tracks having long been a fan of Phil Spector and his legendary wall of sound production techniques. As Ridgeway is film's score company begin to morph into a bad. -- dep inspectors famous monikers she -- own needs and thus the wall who who was born -- our primary -- go. Soundtracks for its scifi movies without our naive -- just establishing. Chaos you know it's. The critics were never able to make much sense van Walton who did manage to win a record deal. After being discovered opening for the cramps at the whiskey in LA and must everyone's surprise their second album 1980 two's column last. Feature one traction and an accompanying video that we're just original enough. Weird enough to become an underground hit on a fledgling media outlet known as MTV. Karzai I sometimes feel like the -- by the way sitting up on the -- -- stand by. Getting better each year you know we started out really as a fan this seemed a little short this is my fifth. Send my heart -- okay now there's a lot of work you -- just because. -- -- -- -- like something your kid brother dreamed up in the basement while messing around and Casio keyboard. Mexican radio came across like -- bizarre impressionist painting -- equally bizarre music. Right down to the occasional Spanish injured sessions heard on the traction there were allegedly recorded straight off a Mexican radio station. -- this song had one hit wonder written all over its. Not long after -- the us festival in 1983. And singer Stan -- left her solo career. While the rest of the day in soldier gone without much success before finally calling this day in 1988. Back to serve of an extra helping of barbecued iguana on today's resurrection jukebox and smaller moved from nineteen through our Mexican Marines.