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Resurrection Jukebox - Mr. Mister - 9/26/12

Sep 27, 2012|

Mr. Mister Kyrie 1986


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Did you exceed and GQ and GHT 110 report there. Cold War trickle down economics and it's hard it's it any wonder that music sounded like it did. Action jukebox -- -- cheesy I'm nineteen. Some mountain. Friends Richard -- James Dean George grew up together in Phoenix Arizona and eventually move downtown LA in the late seventies to start careers as session musicians where they -- very quickly became major players on the studio circuit. Over the course of just a few short years page and George wrote songs and offer musical back up for artists like John -- -- speedway in Donna Summer before your sister's Al -- intended audience just to name a few in fact they decided to form their own band while out on tour with -- can you give. It makes sense when you think about it after auditioning a handful of their studio musician Powell's page and George had their new groups which they decided to call. Mr. mr. Palin's debut album on where the phrase was released in 1984. And no one single minute she jumped into the top forty no one in the bin was prepared for the massive success that followed it was 1980 five's welcome to the real war. Here's Richard Page in guitarist Steve -- reverses out. We all have the same feeling that it was really good friends we knew the songs are good we have no idea we have a singles well appreciated actual. Prevent that we've had -- me you know attempt this semester but our previous the music business by this -- it's like you but I hope for the best coverage. Back there were. -- page has received offers to join both Chicago Antonio he decided to stick -- mister minister and his faith in the band paid off when welcome to the real world produced three top ten singles including two number ones. Broken wings and Cherie yeah here's Richard -- and curious inspiration. Your business the record is more of your ways and means lord have mercy on. And it's from the Greek of the Catholic mass that's where cave forever groups and church fathers choir directors has since been put into pop kind of contacts. -- a real positive zone has a lot of our people pick up on everything fielder. Movement. -- the future looks to be awfully well. Right for mr. mr. in 1986. Their third album go on turned out to be something very critical and commercial disappointments and after a few lineup changes. Mr. mr. parting ways in 99. Back to suggest that a single long choruses a sing along choruses a single long course. Even if it is in Greek it's mister mister from 1986 until his resurrection jukebox. Interior. When I mean -- five. The amount of.