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Resurrection Jukebox - Night Ranger

Sep 27, 2012|

Night Ranger Sister Christian 1983


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Q and T and TQ and GHT 110 purple there. The song's gonna be stuck in your -- all day we're sorry and advanced. Resurrection jukebox what -- TC on 995 come down. In San Francisco in 1981 by Exxon he Osbourne guitarist Brad Gillis. Former Montrose keyboard player around FitzGerald then night ranger -- some help from legendary concert promoter Bill Graham found themselves on the -- opening two new Brothers Judas Priest and Santana. Before they record their first -- Straddling the line between pop rock and metal on the in 1982 debut. Night Rangers stumbled under the biggest hit in their career on the 1983 follow up. With the power ballad written about drummer Kelly he's sister his sister's name is Christine Kelly was suicide -- at this. We all thought they were saying sister Kristen and then one day you wrote down the lyrics and we're look at Hitler and its sister Christie right. It was Chris what's isn't my sister Christian life romance is a Christian and a shortstop my sister's name we changed the sister -- just for profit. Are huge day here despite his generally innocent mind. Members of the band started to get occasional off the wall questions from fans wondering what the song which really amounts. We're in Rochester Minnesota the -- behind thing this because she says is that about a -- who sells dope to school kids and charter application would go yes ma'am I'm more certainly yes that's exactly what it is about. Whereas these people get these ideas so it's not a not a dope peddling none. It's about Kelly's sister and but he's men and just getting all of her life been coming your -- her teenage years and motoring which is of course she does a small town Oregon. So every Friday and Saturday night everyone would get me cars and drive up and -- this one deficit -- and crews got to prison what they call it was -- Now you know like a lot of their fellow middle postures like Rangers album sales started to flag in the late eighties and by nineteen. Call it quits when you consider Jack ladies joining a -- -- -- I intend to -- -- to offer some rock and -- sibling advice on today's resurrection jukebox. It's night ranger from 1983. Insisted Christians and many -- five. -- Okay. -- And yeah. Okay.