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Resurrection Jukebox - Pet Shop Boys 9/14/12

Sep 27, 2012|

Pet Shop Boys West End Girls 1985


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-- and T and TQ and TXT one Denver boulder. Seems like it was just yesterday he's like he's he's resurrection jukebox. And 995. Strange as it sounds the story of the Pet Shop Boys. Architecture student Chris -- meeting former Marvel Comics editor in music journalist -- and in the electronics store in London in the summer of nineteen. Discovering their shared love of synthesizer technology and dance music low intent and immediately decided to Foreman -- Group naming themselves Pet Shop Boys in honor of some friends who did in fact we're gonna -- shop after two years of playing club gigs around London field since big job as a music journalist for the magazine smash hits. Took him to New York City to interview the police on that same trip tenant decided to seek out in New York record producer named Bob you know whose work he is mired in after sharing lunch or restaurant called apple Jack Bobby you know agreed to produce a single for the pet -- -- Audio produced version of the Weston girl was released in 1984. Mandela became a minor hit in the US it wasn't until the single was really recorded in really. At least with producer -- The Helm they -- keep the international charts after that we all remember from 1985. New version eventually became number one hits and UK the US Canada Finland Hong Kong Ireland. -- -- May soon one point five. Thought it was West End girls design and sustain the test of time it's not really according to -- ten. It's always sticks and people -- It's. Tonight's. OK. I -- knows it's time to review the. Know their history continued for a few years in the UK. Pet Shop Boys never made -- biggest splash in the US as they did with west than girls in addition to the occasional album and retro tour Chris -- and Neil Tennant. Have spent most of the ensuing years producing records for other artists slinky seductive in synthetic Cohen's series resurrection jukebox. It's Pet Shop Boys from 1985. And West -- girls. And I -- on five the mountain.