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Resurrection Jukebox - Triumph - 9/20/12

Sep 27, 2012|

Triumph Magic Power 1981


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Did you and -- and QTEXT. One Denver boulder. The only way you can get back to the past bastards who is -- Delorean with Marty apply. Resurrection jukebox with Mike Casey I'm 1995. Seven fine by singer guitarist Rick -- drummer do more and bassist -- It's probably no great surprise that from day one of their career. -- triumph suffer from unfavorable comparisons to another three piece Canadian progressive rock group. Call lush comparisons aside drummer Gilmore who triumph was gonna be something special from the very first time they took the stage together. In September of 1975. I realized -- tourists three tunes wholesale murder first showed so high scores and -- Ontario it was it was instant. I'm responsible there was really. It was like nothing better -- The first drive film came out in 1976. And while it was largely ignored in both -- -- -- in US. Good fortune smiled on the news in the form of radio DJ. And San Antonio Texas it's. Again it's in -- could mean he's radio guys in San Antonio started playing at Keeneland and they really show owner. We're getting -- play and then they were getting -- great folks people loved it -- and it was first Jewish go into municipal auditorium in San Antonio. And -- and they couldn't do it. It was like this last minute call so they phoned us and -- -- we will headline. They're all here. -- -- Johnson said let's go do it and defenseman. It's like -- And we. We had some special despite the continuing comparisons to fellow countryman rush -- -- triumph. Wasn't -- -- likely be generated tone of his singles then continued to generate plus the old fashioned way throughout the late seventies interleague games. But putting together a massively elaborate stage show and by being willing to play anywhere anytime conferring by. By the late eighties whose record sales dropping create frustrations and lead singer weekend's a party for a solo careers and never really needed at a neutral. In nearly twenty years after going their own separate ways triumph reunite in 2007. For their induction Canadian music hall. Proving that it's always hard to beat the combination of young wild -- in free it's triumph from 19810. Today's resurrection jukebox. And magic power. On 995. The mountains. Okay. Yeah. Me. Yeah. This. Okay. Okay. It's. Okay.