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Resurrection Jukebox - Talk Talk - 9/24/12

Sep 27, 2012|

Talk Talk It's My Life 1983


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

QTNTQT. 61 Debra -- Seems like it was just yesterday Mike he's he's resurrection juke box 995. Growing up in London in early 1960s mark congress' first ambition was to become child psychologist. But as his older brother and became well known DJ and record producer younger brother mark decided on a career now trade -- Eventually left studies in 1975. To form a band called. Reaction. After brother and used his industry connections to call if you trade mission mark Hollis and the reaction -- -- record deal. -- released a few flop singles in the UK for just think however experience wasn't a total waste. As the title of one of those singles talk talk. We came to me the next Hollis for. Chance meeting with producers columns first in that helped talk talk link in the high profile -- Opening for Dorian Dorian on the -- -- -- tour exposure to the messenger or any fan base coincided very nicely with the release of talk talks in 1983 album. He's my life in his it turns out they're mostly British new wave romanticism. And stylized MTV friendly videos. But did exactly the right place at exactly. The right time pop culture history despite the fact -- -- talks career was helped immensely by the exposure they got from MTV. More Collison was never all that and everything with a video music. Here's the talk talk thrown into actually. What's -- nothing on girls companies -- video news. Could become very clean shot you know crunch. Plus continuation from doing eventually -- -- film within their own -- And in the music he's close from the sale price through that. You're in the -- Live in the New Year's -- and start time continued to themselves and their home country. Varying degrees of success but that's authentication resurrection jukebox plays. It's my life turned out to my home -- toxin. -- -- Back to assert their right to self determination. It's tartar from 1983. On today's resurrection jukebox. It's my life.