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Resurrection Jukebox - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - 9/25/12

Sep 27, 2012|

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Jammin' Me 1987


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QT and T 2061. And purple there you know really the big there was a good look for a like Casey's resurrection jukebox and ninety. Five. Born and raised in Gainesville Florida Tom Petty shows his career pass at the age of ten. After his uncle Earl got him an up close and personal look at Elvis Presley on sets filming the movie follow their dreams for kids. He did little right in. And these jobs. And I am concerned and you know this kind of. -- -- -- -- -- We don't change. After cycling through anonymous teen millions like -- -- in some donors petty formed -- -- guitarist Mike Campbell. In keyboard player than my intention and on April Fool's Day 1974. -- in sales for LA and shedding and to follow. We have been through this too cool. Slowly picked this. Really terrible that could kill mud trucks eventually broke up before achieving any measure of success within two years leading reformist Tom Petty in the heart -- From the first notes of their debut album. -- -- Force to be -- -- Fast forward to that made me and Tom Petty is living in an apartment at the sunset marquis. And rock and -- -- Bob -- stops by to work through some songs he's considering for his upcoming album. In between shootings -- reason noodling around on guitars and Bob starts leafing through the entertainment section of the only time she rattling off the names -- season for. -- Control and Eddie Murphy and Bob and Tom have a quick conversation about stardom satellite TV and information overload. And twenty minutes later itself. Must be nice to be Tom Petty and Bob -- don't think back to prove that there was a time when Joseph just compose a household name is Tom Petty. -- -- 1987. On today's resurrection jukebox. -- -- 995.