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Resurrection Jukebox - Lou Gramm - 9/5/12

Sep 5, 2012|

Lou Gramm Midnight Blues 1987


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's like your parents used to say this is gonna hurt me a lot worse and it's gonna hurt you. It's Mike Casey's resurrection jukebox case you're seeing pancakes UNC HD one Denver -- 995. The mountain. Mid seventies when British session musician Mick Jones who is looking to put together bids came across -- skinny kid named -- dramatic go singing for a local hero being called black sheep in Rochester New York couple places. And those -- might have been a little thin at that point there was no denying dramatic -- passion for the world of rock and roll which dated all the way back to his team. She saw the. Stones and 65 it was today I was supposed to get a haircut I knew it was gonna be short on my dad told me it was going to be was going to be a killer -- He wanted to cut before the concert when it was dinnertime adjusts to go until -- leaving and I ran out the front door. He tried to the concert so stones met this girl that I had a crush -- there it's just it's just had to be different now I've kind of lost interest in the the other things I was thinking about it just became secondary -- you know be in Iraq and. After shortening his last name by a few letters from new Graham and Mick Jones became the front men of the -- foreigner. A massively successful outfit that virtually defined the term of -- Iraqi in the early seventies and relieves the by the late -- -- -- history here cooled off its Jones ingrained in drift apart musically and philosophically. To mention Lindsey Graham's set off on a solo career that launched in 1987 with his critically and commercially acclaimed debut well. Read your thoughts. For me it just seems that my relationship with -- could once again -- -- It seemed like we weren't moving forward deploy. Or even interest in moving forward and it seems to me that he and the other members of the band were quite content to just exist. The past memories and past glories of the band and I felt that I still have a lot to say. Old Lou -- never quite mended fences with Mick Jones in his solo career cooled off just as quick music and heated up -- still out on the road here in the 21 century playing in -- -- with his Brothers and enjoying the new lease on life after recovering from -- nearly fatal brain tumor in 1997. Back to take a few liberties with two with a primary colors on today's resurrection jukebox is Lou Graham from 1987. In midnight blue. And 995. The mountains.